Krugher & Brent Brewery was established in 1991 by the Laoj family and was the first privately owned brewery in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia. That year the main production facilities were built in the backyard of the family’s estate while bottling equipment was added a few years later. The brewery is located in Ritiševo, a small town in the Banat region, near the city of Vršac, Serbia.


During the first two years of production, the beer was sold exclusively in kegs, but soon after it became available in glass bottles. In the early beginning, the brewery produced only Lager beer, while nowadays it offers seven different types of beer, some of which are seasonal and others that are available all year round.

Over the last three decades, apart from doing the best to expand the capacities, improve the technology and perfect the recipes, maintaining the product quality without adding artificial ingredients has always been a priority for the Laoj family. Krugher & Brent Brewery uses ingredients both local and imported, depending on the type of beer. The malt is of local origin, more precisely from Bačka Palanka. We also use Weyermann wheat malt , Belgium Crystal, as well as roasted, caramel and chocolate malt. The hops used in the production are Aurora, Saaz, Barth & Sohn, Cascade, Citrus, Mandarine, Golding and others.

Thanks to the implementation of the HACCP product safety system and modern closed circle equipment, the quality of the beer is guaranteed.